Federation of Indian Associations San Deigo

Saturday, August 13th at 5:30PM


India, the largest democracy of the world, is celebrating 75 golden years of its independence. To commemorate this milestone, Federation of Indian Associations San Diego is presenting a spectacular cultural show featuring amazing artists, melodious music, dazzling dances, soothing Sitar & Tabla recital, captivating dance drama and Bollywood Boom. You can’t afford to miss it! Be a part of this festival and celebrate the glory of India. Buy tickets in advance to secure the best seats.

Till August 7, 11:59PM

25% Ticket Discount

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$ 100
  • Rows A-E Full rows


$ 50
  • Rows F-L Full rows
  • Rows M-N #201-214


$ 20
  • Rows P-U Full rows
  • Rows M-N #101-107
  • Rows M-N #301-307

We recommend to book tickets via PC/ Laptop Instead of Mobile Devices if you can't select the tickets or facing any issue.

To purchase tickets using Cash/ Check/ Venmo/ Zelle
Please pay to fiasandiego@gmail.com
and send an email ( to fiasandiego@gmail.com) with following details

1. Subject: Cash tickets
2. Name
3. Email
4. Phone
5. Number of Tickets
6. Payment method

If you are seeing any issue viewing seating chart or chart is too small, Please refresh the page.

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